Aluminium and steel Windows


You know when you bite the back of your fist because you’ve come across something so unmistakably you, that it suddenly dawns on you how you have even been surviving without your new found obsession.  Well, thats the feeling I get every time I come across a stunning photo of these slim aluminium or steel framed windows. Whether they’re  used inside to divide a room or as simple exterior window frames, the finish they provide is second to none.

I almost feel that if windows were people, then my current double glazed white windows I’m sat next to right now would be called Barry. Yeah sure, Barry is safe and reliable, I’ve been with him for years, but he’s a tad bland and can’t really dress himself well. Where as these new steel windows are like that hot new work colleague thats just started in compliance. Hmmm, maybe lets call him Ryan, (Gosling perhaps?) he also happens to moonlight as a neurosurgeon, has a black belt in karate, speaks five different languages, drives a shit hot sports car and gets all his suits tailor made on Saville Row.

Yep, yep I know. This is how my mind actually plays out.

Take a look at the little collection I’m compiling together on my pinterest below and feel yourself fall head over heels in love with them all too.










Oooouuuf so many emotions right? I get it. I’m with you. Always.


B xx


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