Artist Spotlight: Cy Twombly

This week’s artist spotlight goes to the totally brilliant Cy Twombly.

He was an American artist, sculptor and photographer who resided in Italy until his passing in 2011. If you’re ever perusing through Instagram or Facebook you will have probably come across his artwork through exhibitions held at the Tate, Saatchi and many more. The above painting is one his most popular and recognisable pieces.

I’ve known about Cy Twomblys work since childhood, mainly through my Mothers love for abstract artists. I can remember when I was younger I didn’t really understand or even get what everyone was raving on about when it came to modern art. Nor why they’d all be gasping at two large splatters of black ink on a plain white canvas and calling it a masterpiece. To be honest even to this day I think people can tend to get a tad carried away with the hidden meaning they believe the artist was trying to interpret and I can totally appreciate how some people believe art; abstract in particular, is highly overpriced and looks like something their five year old daughter could re-create, but on the other hand its just because they’re not really getting or appreciating what’s infront of them and that’s totally fine, I don’t particular get or appreciate, extreme ironing; yes that’s an actual thing, but hey, I’m not one to judge.

For me personally, artwork is as important in any interiors space as day to day accessories are for ourselves when we get dressed every morning, a room is almost naked without it. When I’m dressing a room, I either start with a piece of art a client has specifically chosen and loves and dress the room to compliment the particular piece or I simply match the artwork to the colour scheme of the room, whether I’m painting the artwork myself or sourcing a particular artist for a client. My whole point is I’m not going to bore you here with the history of Cy Twombly or the significance or hidden meaning or emotions he was trying to evoke from each painting. I’m simply showing you visually, his work is pretty beautiful and if you’re into contemporary interiors his pieces are the perfect aesthetics to compliment and complete any room.

Check out some of favourites from his many collections below…











Sigh.. Id like them all thank you, please!

If you’re currently looking to re-style a space or even begin a totally new interiors project and need help sourcing artwork or if you’d like me to emulate or create something specifically for you, I would be happy to help. Check out our original artwork and commission’s page here for further details.


B xx

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