Bacon and cream cheese stuffed jalapeños


Wait. Is this real???


Oh baby it’s real…….

Ok, so first of all my phot0graphy skills don’t do this little gem of a treat any justice. The combination of jalapeno peppers, cream cheese and bacon is truly orgasmic! I’m not kidding you, I can pretty much guarantee that unless you’re either a vegetarian, lactose intolerent, or just a weirdo there is no way on this earth that you will not like this treat. Infact, I’d put money on it that you’d ask me for more once I’d served you a plate of these things, and without realising you demolished the lot in a beatific and mystical haze of exhilaration- I write all types of sh*t at times I know.

Anyway I now feel as though my assigned mission in life is to tell anyone who may not have come across this recipe before and wondered through life aimlessly with that gnawing feeling that something was missing.

THIS is what was missing from your life, THIS!
I came across this stupidly easy recipe through Pinterest on the gorgeous blog As soon as I saw it I just knew it was for me. You know when you see a particular dish, entree or dessert for the first time, and you just know the two of you seem destined to be together, then, once you’ve tried it, every other food group you’ve devoured since birth almost seems superfluous. Then, to top it off, you remember that this dish is also low carb and then you’re done you can’t take anymore, this can’t be real, no-one told me life could be this good!!! But please let me tell you it IS real, life IS this good and to top it off it’s easy to make!

Ok. Breathe….Lets continue….


x9 Jalapeno peppers (cut in to halves makes 18 of these little babies. (Christ Rebecca you are a maths genius!)
x1 tub of cream cheese
x1 packet of thinly sliced streaky bacon
cocktail sticks



Set your oven to 190C/ Gas Mark 4


Firstly, scoop out all the seeds from your jalapenos.


Next pre fry or par cook your bacon first, either in the microwave or the frying pan. This is just to render out some of the fat and to make sure the bacon will be perfect and crispy once you retrieve if from the oven later.


Fill your jalapenos with your cream cheese, wrap around a layer of your streaky bacon and hold this all together with a cocktail stick then pop them all in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes



If you’re still on a healthy lifestyle kick and you’re staring at these pictures disgruntledly as you gnaw on a stick of celery, surely you’re aloud a cheat day right? What would life be without a cheat day? You deserve this recipe, you do. You’ve been good and you’re a kind and honest person, you’ve made mistakes in your life sure, who hasn’t, but you did your time, this is a new you, you’ve got a new outlook and with bacon and cream cheese by your side well, you’ll be on fire! You’ll be happy and with happiness comes strength and with strength comes the impossible, and who does the impossible? Beyonce! You’re basically Beyonce.

Wow…I’m speechless too but the scientific evidence obviously doesn’t lie.


B xx

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