Banana Leaf Print Takeover

Banana leaf print has undoubtedly immersed itself into the fashion and interiors world indefinitely and for a trend that everybody predicted wouldn’t be around for long, our addiction to all things foliage doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.

As an artist and designer, surprisingly, pattern wasn’t always the first thing I was drawn towards, I’ve always been more of a clean lines kind of girl. Y’know white walls with a large-scale abstract piece of artwork on the wall. When it comes to fashion, my colours of choice have pretty much always been grey, white and black, but a funny things been happening to me lately the more I’ve been designing and creating for the brand the more my style preferences have been evolving.

Pattern has well and truly taken over my life and since I’ve welcomed it in, I have no intention of turning my back.

I’m currently loving Dolce and Gabanna’s take on the banana leaf print below for one..

Banana leaf print Dolce and Gabanna shoes

Banana leaf print shoes



and don’t get me started on this gorgeous banana leaf print bralet

banana leaf print bralet



banana leaf print outfit

I love how home decor is now becoming just as important as fashion when it comes to stating who you are as an individual. From our late twenties to early thirties and onwards we’re not going clubbing anymore, we’re hanging out at home with our friends, cooking, chatting and probably still consuming more alcohol than is necessarily required or advised, but hey who’s counting. What the inside of our homes looks like matters. Renters don’t have the same excuses they used to have these days either, even if you’re not yet a home owner that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your home with a banana leaf print cushion or an electric blue lampshade here and there. Even wallpapers no longer off the cards, with more and more people renting nowadays, people are starting to put their own mark on properties that they see themselves renting for the long-term, and why not, if you don’t love the space you go home to at night, you’re really not on the right track.

Pattern is a great way of putting a unique and stylish mark on your home. In fact I had no idea just how much of a transformation pattern could be for your entire home. Although in the past a large majority of us have tendered to gear towards more monochrome patterns, I am loving how this tropical banana leaf print trend has really opened up my eyes when it comes to design. Pattern isn’t just for the eccentric experimental fashionista or the old skool doilies and twee curtains gang. The new generation of pattern designs are contemporary, original and inspiring. 2016 is all about introducing modern pattern such as our banana leaf print into a minimalist environment just as much as it would work within a more quirky and adventurous home. Starting out as a minimalist myself this was something I paid careful consideration to when it came to designing my banana leaf print wallpaper, it needed to suit both environments and encapsulate style, vibrancy and individuality. Your home should express who you are, tell a story almost, but most of all it should be a collection of all the things you love and admire.


We almost died when we saw how our favourite blogger Emilie from Stella in the stars styled her hallway. This image is taken by Emilie herself and you must check out her blog here for all things cool, quirky and stylish, she recently won the best international blogger award hosted by the prestigious Amara interior blog awards, and it’s not hard to see why; seriously this lady knows her stuff.

banna leaf print

banana leaf print

Whether you’re going bold and styling an entire space or just adding a unique feature wall, this wallpaper definitely makes a statement. Check out our wallpaper designs below to give you a taste of how you could dress your own chosen space.


Green or blue, we’ve got you! Our best-selling wallpaper has recently launched in our new powder blue colour, perfect for the home or work space!


Feuilles De Luxe bleu wallpaper

Feuilles de luxe bleu wallpaper

So, the only question left to ask is, how would you style yours?

To purchase our green banana leaf print wallpaper, click here or if you’re more of a powder blue person click here for the blue version

B x

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