E-Design and Styling


E-design and styling is fast becoming the number one alternative to traditional interior design services. We’ll design a room you will love, all within a budget that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, corresponding soley over the telephone, email, face-time or Skype!

Let us do the sourcing, so you don’t have to!

How it works, in ten super easy steps!

  • It starts by us asking you to fill out our questionnaire
  • We then review your requirements, chat briefly with you through email and then send you a quote
  • You say, “Yes, yes, yes, let’s do this!” Then we email you an invoice
  • We then book in a telephone/facetime call to discuss your project further.
  • After speaking with you, we create a mood board full of inspiring images that we feel, best depict you, your lifestyle and the space you’d like to create.  We then email you the mood board, which will also include a colour scheme, just to make sure you like the vibe we’ve created and we’re on the same page!
  • Next, we ask you to measure your chosen space ( Don’t worry, we’ll guide you if this seems a little daunting!)
  • Now it’s all on us. We get to work on sourcing furniture, fittings and accessories and start designing an epic space exclusively for you!
  • We send you our concept board and a spatial plan so you can see exactly how everything should be laid out and  a bibliography list of where you can click and directly buy all the goodies chosen, within your chosen budget.
  • We leave this all with you to review and see what you’d like to add or subtract and then we revise the design accordingly
  • We finalise the project and leave you armed with the goods to create a kick ass new space you will love!

Receive exclusive deals on any of The Loft and Us products you wish to include in your design!


For any further enquiries regarding our E-design and styling services please email: