How to decorate with statement pieces

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A statement piece is the ultimate necessity to create the wow factor in your home. Now for me, I’m all over large-scale pieces of art, aswell as beautiful sculptures, they really lift a space and definitely create a talking point.

Here is where investing in key pieces or ‘a’ key piece is definitely worth the splurge. Just like in fashion you would invest in a designer handbag or shoes to enhance an outfit, the same rules apply with interiors. If your space has that one stand out piece it can lift the entire room.

Firstly check out some of my favourite statement pieces below, and then see my ‘Top Five Rules To Live By’ regarding statement pieces, to give you some ideas of how you can pimp out your living space with your epic statement piece, and do your Pinterest board proud!


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I’m all over this chandelier I spotted over on Abigail Aherns website. I love the way she’s styled it over the bath tub too, it just oozes glamour! Ok, yes, perhaps I would feel a tad nervous that the chandelier would come off the ceiling and electrocute me whilst I was enjoying a relaxing bath but I’m crazy so normal people could easily look past that, plus it’s just so pretty!

Even though everybody and their mother is still raving on about these lamps I’m still not ready to tire of them yet, I’m still head over heels in love with these perfect copper lampshades from Tom Dixon, the perfect statement piece. If you can afford two or free, even better!

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Please don’t be scared of purchasing large-scale art pieces, it’s one of the first things I persuade all of my clients to do, it instantly adds the cool factor and really catapults your space into a different league. If you think you don’t have the budget, just create a piece yourself! You can purchase a large-scale canvas for around £40 from most art and craft stores, then perhaps play around with two or three different colours, abstract style. Or perhaps even paint on some multi-coloured dots Damien Hurst style, there really are no rules when it comes to art, but trust me, the bigger the better!







I know sculptures aren’t everybody’s bag, but if you have the space, I’d say go, go,go! How dope is this copper wire sculpture by artist Anna Wili-Highfield


Or if you can afford to spend the big bucks how about owning one of the famous sculptures by the epic artist Kaws, now that would be a statement…

Ok, so now you’ve seen some of my swoon worthy statement pieces, have a read of my top five rules for styling statement pieces below…




When considering statement pieces we’re not looking for wallflower pieces here, the more dramatic the better. There needs to be that one feature in the room that stands out from all the others, otherwise what would be the point. We’re not looking to blend into the background here, we’re looking to make an impact. Depending on scale and the brief you’ve laid out, you don’t want too many statement pieces so the room becomes overbearing, just that one piece to create the focal point to the room.



Once again if you’re displaying a stand alone killer piece in your chosen room, like this epic blue sofa pictured above, you don’t want it placed next to lots of conflicting pieces . Think subtle and complimentary as apposed to overkill.



If for example you have a stunning wooden sculpture in your room you wouldn’t then want to purchase a wooden coffee table and a wooden TV stand, all to be placed on wooden floorboards, it’s all abit ‘Little House on the Prairie.’ Always try to piece together as many different textures and materials as possible. Matching everything is so early nineties, and that is where it should stay, thank you, please!

So perhaps instead of the wooden coffee table it could be glass, perspex,acrylic, or marble. Instead of wooden floor boards how about a chic highly polished concrete floor with a cosy sofa filled with lots of sumptuous cushions and sheepskin throws which sits on a large scale rug, it’s all about balance and variety. The same apples to patterns, mix it up with plain accessories instead of excessive patterned fabrics throughout your space, although you can of course team two or three different patterned looks together, but keep in mind the scale of your complimenting pattern, it needs to be smaller or larger than your statement piece otherwise everything will just merge into one and look a little ornate.



Don’t be scared to let your statement piece do all the work on it’s own, you don’t need a plethora of complimentary pieces pushed uncomfortably close against it just because you think they all match. Give your piece room to breathe. Whether it’s an extravagant floor lamp, or an eclectic sofa or armchair, keep the surrounding décor simple to add an almost theatrical element to you piece and really bring the drama. As you can see in the picture above the artwork is taking pride of place on the back wall and the surrounding furniture is subtle but carefully compliments without being overbearing, making the art stand out even more so.



This is where a lot of people tend to go wrong when it comes to styling their own rooms. All your furniture and accessories should be different heights, sizes and scale, abit like a city scape. If everything is one size in the room it will give off a cluttered feel and throw off the balance. It really is imperative to consider room scale before purchasing anything. Then you need to think about where you’re going to place your lighting for added depth and drama aswell as the placement of your furniture and accessories to give your room perspective and to avoid that one dimensional look.



Whats you’re dream worthy statement piece, does it cost a fortune or are you just too nervous to purchase it, as you think it would be too overbearing? My advice is, if you love something that much it’s worth the investment, it’ll be a focal point for years to come and a great conversation starter at any dinner party, the more eclectic the better I say!

B xx

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