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Haven's Kitchen Retail Details FW Haven's Kitchen Jan 2013

Haven’s Kitchen Retail Details FW Haven’s Kitchen Jan 2013

Annnnnnnnnnd I’m back. I’m going to start blogging more consistently now, I’ve been so ridiculously busy over the past few weeks I haven’t even had time to breathe! So, today I wanted to talk a little bit about layering with different textures and how utterly obsessed with it I am!

Now for me this is what truly brings the, ‘Oh. My. Days’ into a room. A simple trick of combining beautiful, contrasting fabrics and textures, such as linen, cashmere and velvet cushions, combined with a sumptuous sheepskin throw, placed over a sleek leather armchair is the perfect miscellany to build texture and contrast.

Just like in fashion you’d need to throw on a tough black leather jacket over a soft floral dress to create an edgier and more stylish look, interiors adhere to the same precept, it’s all about adding abit of rough with the smooth so to speak.

My nightmare is entering into someones house to find a matching pine coffee table, sides tables, TV stand and fireplace, that kinda look reminds me of a 1980’s horror movie and quite frankly it’s just uncalled for nowadays. Now we have Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram we have a plethora of ideas under our noses that we can emulate to pimp out our own homes, so there’s no excuse people!

As crazy as this may sound a grey stone floor mixed with soft and delicate textures such as a velvet sofa and cashmere and linen cushions with soft, pastels and a fluffy Moroccan rug would create a stunning finish and wouldn’t appear at all cold and unwelcoming as you would suspect.

Or perhaps if you have wooden floorboards try and steer clear of wooden side tables and coffee tables and opt for glass, acrylic, lacquer or stone instead. Is all about mixing as many different textures as possible to create the perfect alchemy of style and individuality. Don’t be afraid to add contrast and drama to any feature walls too! There is an array of wallpaper designs you can purchase nowadays that emulate a certain look to give off a realistic and stylish finish. Perhaps you could have one wall featuring wood panelling wallpaper, or rustic tiles, or go crazy with blackened white polka dots, or even a large scale vintage map. It may sound a tad out-there but all you need to do is trust the process, don’t be afraid to put your own mark on a room, these are the types of rooms that get people talking – in a good way, and will have everyone wanting to imitate your own unique style. Take a peek at some some swoon worthy examples on perfecting the art of layering different textures below!








The copper feature wall in the final image needs to re-appear in my home sometime soon by the way! Anyway I hope you were inspired by a few of the images I posted today, honestly the ideas are endless with this one, happy Sunday folks!

B x

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