How to use our vinyl

First things first.

Have you ordered a sample?

Our vinyl is printed to order so it’s always best to purchase a sample first so you can apply the vinyl directly to your chosen space and see how the colour will look before you make your big purchase.


How much vinyl will I need?

Now, lets measure the space you want to cover with vinyl. Whether it's a worktop, a side table, a chest of drawers, shelving, fireplace or perhaps a floor area, you may be wondering how many panels will I need?

Grab a tape measure and measure the surrounding area, make sure your measurements are correct as you don't want to be coming up short.

Below are a few examples to help you out!

Example One: Bathroom Floor


Above we have a room measuring 200 cm / 2 metres Width x 180 cm /1.0 metres Height

You can order our vinyl in panels of 1 metre, 2 metres or 3 metres and you can also choose whether the repeat pattern sits vertically (portrait) or horizontally (Landscape).

When you order the vinyl in 3 metres the vinyl is printed off in two 150 cm / 1.5 metre x 60cm / 0.6metre panels which adds up to 3 metres, instead of giving you three separate panels you have the 3 metre measurements in two.

For the above example one flooring you would need x6 vinyl panels to cover the floor.

So you could either order 2 metre Floor and Wall Vinyl (Horizontal/Landscape) panels three times to add up to six panels, each of these six panels would be cut separately and you would just need to peel and stick and match them together. Or you could order 3 metre panels twice.

You can always buy an extra panel to be safe or if you are going to overlap the vinyl ever so slightly.

Example two: Kitchen Floor


Above we have a kitchen floor area. The floor measures 170 cm / 1.7 metres width x 150 cm / 1.5 metres Height.

For this area you would just need x 3  of the 3 metre Floor and Wall Vinyl with the pattern printed horizontally as each 3 metre panel measures 150cm.

If your flooring was just over 150cm say, 155 cm then you would obviously have to buy more to compensate. So for this you would probably need to buy  2 metre panels three times with the pattern printed horizontally.

Example three: Fireplace.


 The above fireplace is a standard sized fireplace we see in a multitude of homes. Working out how many panels you would need for this is generally pretty straight forward, if you just wanted to cover the back panel you would need x2 vinyl panels printed with the pattern vertically or horizontally but if you wanted to cover the bottom hearth as well you'd need a third and potentially a fourth panel too. Thats why getting the correct measurements is key.

Example Four: Fireplace Tiles

Our last example is pretty straight forward and easy. One sheet of vinyl is all you would need to cover the tiles either side. It's such a quick an easy solution to totally revive a tired looking space!


Applying your vinyl.


Our vinyl really is super easy and quick to use. Both the standard matte vinyl and the floor and wall vinyl come with a simple peel and stick back so you can simply peel off the back and stick the vinyl straight down in your chosen area.

Make sure you thoroughly wipe down your chosen surface as you don't want any unnecessary lumps and bumps underneath the vinyl. Once completely clean make sure your surface is 100% dry and then get sticking!

Begin by peeling off the top edge first of the sticky back and slowly begin to stick the vinyl down using a squeegee or another flat tool to ensure there are no air bubbles. If you do encounter an air bubble it's no problem gently lift the vinyl back up and reapply ensuring you smooth over the area where the air bubble appeared. Once the entire panel is fitted you can use a Stanley knife to cut off any unnecessary edges.


Removing our Vinyl

Removing our vinyl is so easy. Gently peel back a corner of the vinyl an begin to slowly lift the entire panel and voila thats it! This is why vinyl is also perfect for renters who aren't allowed to paint or decorate their homes, or perhaps you're just looking for a quick and easy home renovation without the hassle of tiling or painting etc. Honestly the decorating options for vinyl are endless. Our vinyl is waterproof too so any water spillages can simply be wiped away without causing any damage.


If you have any queries please don't hesitate to get in contact!