All of our unique wallpaper designs are created from original paintings by Rebecca Loftus.

Our best-selling wallpaper is definitely not for the boring, neutral or bland. From bright and bold colourful designs to cool black and white ink splatter prints, each design sets an individual and show-stopping look to any chosen room. Rebecca first begins by sketching out her designs before painting the final composition with acrylic paints using a multi-layering technique to build on colour and contrast. Our unique wallpaper can create the perfect feature wall to add character and individuality to your home.

All or our wallpaper is designed and manufactured in Britain using the finest craftsmen and quality paper to create the perfect bespoke design to add the wow factor to your home. Our unique wallpaper will most definitely add a stylish and contemporary finish to whichever room they call home, whether you go wild with our banana leaf print or monochrome with our leopard print designs, each of our unique wallpaper prints will add drama, style and individuality to your home.