Hexagon Salmon Tiles Vinyl

Hexagon Salmon Tiles Vinyl

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Our contemporary and stylish vinyl designs are the perfect addition to style your home or workspace. 

We have an array of different designs to choose from. You could choose a simple tile pattern to dress up a fireplace, bathroom wall or floor or perhaps you'd like to upcycle a tired looking chest of drawers or side table and inject some colour or pattern into the overall aestheic of your room, the styling possibilities with vinyl really are endless.


Order A Sample

If you wish to order a sample before you purchase please select 'sample' on all three drop down fields.

How to Use Vinyl

The brilliant thing about vinyl is that it really is the easist thing to use. Not only is it versatile and cost effective but it is also quick and easy to apply. Are you always switching up your style, no problem, even though our vinyl sticks firmly in place wherever you place it all our vinyl easily peels off all surfaces so it's a great solution for renters too who aren't able to permanently change their interiors.

Measure your Space: Be sure to measure the area you'd like to cover accurately to ensure you purchase the correct amount of vinyl for your space.

All our vinyl measures at 60 cm width and 100 cm height if you'd like the pattern to sit vertically (Portrait), or 100 cm width x 60 cm height if you'd like the pattern to sit horizontally (Landscape) and can be purchased in 1 metre, 2 metre or 3 metre lengths. All our vinyl designs come in seamless repeat patterns so you can buy multiple strips to cover a bathroom wall, floor or fireplace to create a seamless finish to any room.


Standard Vinyl

You can use our standard vinyl in any number of upcycling and interior styling ideas for your home or work space. From dressing up tiles, side tables, counter tops, splash backs, cupboard doors, fireplaces and so much more!

Our standard Vinyl is waterproof so you can easily wipe away any splashes with a wet cloth and it can takes a heat of up to 90 degrees centigrade. 

Floor and Wall Vinyl

Our floor and wall vinyl is more durable with a thicker and more protective vinyl coating with a non slip finish and a stickier adhesive backing. This vinyl is suitable for wet areas such as bathroom and kitchen floors, tiles, stairs, porch floors and any other high traffic areas in your home. Along with being waterproof our floor and wall vinyl can take a heat of up to 110 degrees centigrade.